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eCommerce SEO: How Online Stores Can Drive Organic Traffic

eCommerce sites are considered among the toughest to optimize for SEO. Unlike conventional sites or landing pages or articles, online stores often don’t respond to optimization efforts in the way you generally anticipate.


But this does not mean you should stop finding ways to improve the visibility and ranking of your shop in search engines.


After all, traffic is the ultimate way to make your eCommerce business realize its true potential in the market.


For that reason, you need a robust eCommerce SEO strategy to drive organic traffic to your online store.


Here are some of tips to drive organic traffic to your online store:


1. Blog about your popular products


Blogging about your popular products can help drive a good amount of organic traffic to your eCommerce store.


The idea here is to give potential customers engaging, information and enjoyable content to read so that conversions can be boosted.


When your blog posts have quality, it can always capture the attention of the target audience and force them to visit your store.


You can write about anything, or publish product reviews, tutorials or any other articles to add value to readers and this can drive relevant traffic your way.


2. Optimize your online store for right keywords


Many eCommerce sites make the mistake of choosing the wrong keywords which stops them from getting the kind of traffic they deserve in true sense.


It’s therefore important to first understand the keywords that can add value to your store and then use them in your content.


More importantly, there are tools to know the top-performing keywords for your industry or keywords that your competitors are using and you can easily take a leaf out of their book and achieve better rankings and more traffic for your online store.


3. Focus on audience’s interest in promotion


If your promotion strategy does not take into account the audience’s interest, it’s then set to suffer big time. Because traffic happens only to those online stores that promote them by considering what their customers like and what not.


While there are tools to know your customer’s tastes and preferences, you can also look at your top-selling products and then give more attention to them in the promotion.


You can always create content around those top items or give them more prominence on your store and this can help drive organic traffic your way.


4. Create ads and campaigns based on geography


A lot of online stores make the mistake of tarring all their customers with the same brush and ignoring the benefits of geography.


You should not err on this front and rather devise a marketing approach that is geo-targeted and that has specific focus on your top regions.


In this strategy, you can either show products to a particular region or use the magic of personalized messages to great effect.


When you focus on the power of geography, it means you always get the right SEO for eCommerce websites.


5. Optimize your online store for mobile


Mobile devices are growing in penetration at a humongous rate with more people using their smartphones to search for products online.


Despite this, many online stores don’t optimize for such devices and thus fail to deliver the kind of user experience mobile customers yearn for.


This is always a huge mistake and mobile users won’t stay in your store if they don’t get the right experience.


So, make sure your store follows the principle of responsive design as it can help it drive more traffic their way.


6. Use video content for your top pages


Customers prefer video over audio or text when it comes to understanding products or getting information about your services.


Plus, using short videos for product descriptions, product demonstration, unboxing, reviews, comparisons is always a good way to target your audience and give them the ease of making right choices.


7. Include social media in your optimization effort


Social media is always the key when it comes to increasing the visibility of your online stores on the web and getting more organic traffic.


You can always devise channel-specific strategies for popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc and hope to drive more traffic on your store.


The power of social media is something you just can’t ignore in your SEO strategy for ecommerce websites.


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eCommerce SEO: How Online Stores Can Drive Organic Traffic
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eCommerce SEO: How Online Stores Can Drive Organic Traffic
eCommerce SEO | Need a robust eCommerce SEO strategy to drive organic traffic to your eCommerce store. Tips to drive organic traffic to your online store.
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