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RankIntent is a top SEO company that offers affordable yet most effective search engine optimization services to clients in India and beyond. We help your website rank high on search results so that your business, products and services are more visible to the target audience. With our unique approach to SEO, you are assured higher ROI and better engagement with your customers. Our proven optimization methodologies and years of domain experience will help you stay ahead of the competitors and carve a niche for the business easily. Our search engine optimization strategy is focused on boosting brand awareness and helping businesses gain credibility in the market. We offer customized and budget-friendly SEO solutions tailored to specific requirements of our clients. With us, you will achieve business goals easily and see a huge improvement in revenues and profits.

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SEO Services BenefitsOur SEO will help your business grow and achieve its objectives in a time-bound manner. Our SEO practices are focused around putting websites and business at the top of SERPs. We provide guaranteed results in terms of qualified leads and traffic. Our SEO follows the best practices of the industry to ensure superior user experience and smooth navigation of websites to visitors. Our search engine optimization services are fit for any industry and any business as we have customized plans and understand unique requirements of clients. From Local SEO to Enterprise SEO, Ecommerce SEO to Off Page SEO, clients can trust us for any type of optimization effort with amazing search engine results guaranteed. Our optimization efforts will not only boost the performance of your website but also bring more visitors to you. Trust us to deliver the best results for your SEO in a cost-effective manner.

Our SEO services are effective and powerful because

  • >> We use the latest SEO trends and practices for site ranking and visibility.
  • >> Our optimization work starts only after complete site analysis.
  • >> Our proven optimization techniques ensure improved conversion rates.
  • >> High-quality organic traffic is the result of our SEO efforts
  • >> Our SEO solutions are affordable and industry-specific
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We offer SEO solutions are tailored to specific needs of a business and ensure desired results in search engines

SEO from RankIntent is much more than just website ranking and superior search engine visibility. We have an in-house team of optimization experts who use the best and most relevant search engine optimization strategies to make your campaigns perform better on the internet. Our SEO process is constantly evolving and keeping pace with Google’s algorithm changes. Our team always relies on ethical approach to optimization and does link building by following the industry standards. We provide SEO report with measurable results so that clients can track the performance of their websites and decide the budget and extent of services accordingly. We have cross-industry experience and offer custom SEO plans and packages that that help any business meet its goals easily.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) FAQs

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It's a process of improving the visibility, traffic and ranking of a website on search engines like Google and Bing. When a user is searching something on a search engine, it's SEO which is helping the websites or web pages to come up at the top of search results.
SEO process is helping the websites to rank higher in search engines, which is going to bring qualified traffic and leads and increases the conversion rates. It helps in building the brand visibility, trust and global reach of a business. SEO also helps in improving the users experience on your website.
There are two parts of SEO. 1st one is On-Page SEO which includes the in site optimization and 2nd one is Off-Page which includes the off site optimization.
On-page SEO is a process of optimizing web pages to improve the user experience and search engine ranking to gain traffic, visibility and business. and in search engines.
Where as Offpage SEO is involved in improving the web page referral links, social shares and other extarnal optimization elements.
There are several ways to optimize and promote a website but doing it right step by step is the key of success. Following is the step by step SEO process:
Step 1: Do the Site Analysis to figure out the pain points.
Step 2: Do the Competitor Analysis to figure out the strength and weakness of competitor.
Step 3: Perform the keyword research to find the right set of keywords to target on the site pages.
Step 4: Work on the On-Site optimization and fix all possible issues.
Step 5: Introduce your site with schema markup.
Step 6: Work on the site speed optimization.
Step 7: Perform the content competitive analysis.
Step 8: Add the required high quality, in-depth content on site pages.
Step 9: Work on the content syndication and link building activities.
Step 10: Improve the social media visibility by sharing your site on different social networks.
Step 11: Track the Results and Re-Do the required changes and optimization.
Most of the industry experts says that it takes 4 to 6 months to start gaining the SEO optimization results and it's sure as well. SEO is mostly the manual efforts you put to optimize your website and once it will start performing, it's going to grow day by day.
White Hat SEO is a term used to define the ethical SEO practices, strategies, techniques and tactics those are approved and supported by all major search engines like Google and Bing. White Hat SEO
SEO tools help the SEO expert to analyze, optimize, syndicate and track a website's SEO results. There are different tools to perform step by step SEO optimization. Few of them are Ahrefs, SEMRush, ScreamingFrog, Google Analytics, Google Webmasters and many more.
Crawling or Spidering is a process where search engine bots are going through a web page or website to read the available links and content. Crawling is not indexing, it's the first part of reading the web page to get it indexed and show in search engine result pages.
Keyword is a search query or key phrase searched by a user to find out something on search engines. To rank a website well on search engine result pages, SEO experts are researching and targeting the keywords in web site pages. Keywords could be used in different parts of a web page and also targeted for creating backlinks.
In SEO, Meta tags are snippets which define the webpage content. Meta tags are not appearing on the webpage itself but Meta tags are used in between the tag of a webpage. Meta tag is the short description of a element that help in describing the search engines what a web page is all about.
Google is offering a free site analysis tool called Google Search Console / Google Webmaster that helps the webmasters to analyze, monitor, maintain and troubleshoot website presence in Search engine result pages. Google search console is not a mandatory tool to get your website indexed in search results but it could help in improving the website architect and make the website user and SEO friendly.
Search Intent - What a user has the intent while searching on the search engines is Search Intent. Sometimes also known as user intent or keyword intent. There 4 different search intents defined by search engines like Informational Search Intent, Navigational Search Intent, Transactional Search Intent and Commercial Search Intent.

Whether you’re a big enterprise or a small SME, you can always rely on our search engine optimization expertise for desired results.

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