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Want more traffic, more leads and more sales quickly? Trust paid search engine advertising and get ready-to-buy customers instantly. Let our PPC expertise bring an immediate boom in your business.

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PPC (Pay-per-click) from RankIntent will allow you to directly and immediately reach to the targeted audience. Our paid advertising experts can put your ads in front of people at the right time to boost chances of sales and conversions. We use virtually all popular PPC platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads to advertise your business and boost its prospects. The mantra of our PPC lies in “the right placement at the right time”. Brands big and small can trust us to put their campaigns in front of the target audience who are actively searching for them or their products or services. With our PPC services, your business will grow immediately with more targeted traffic, more qualified leads and more sales. And yes, you can trust us to deliver a better Return in Ad Spend (RoAS) than before and lower Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA).

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PPC Management BenefitsWe’re a leading paid advertising company and provide tailored PPC campaigns at affordable rates. Our PPC experts have years of domain knowledge and will easily figure out the best paid platforms for your business goals and ambitions. Highly focused campaigns are run across platforms and result-oriented services are delivered by us. With our PPC service, your website reaches to the top of search results in the time and budget chosen by you. Our ads target the right audiences based on locations, geographies, demographics and devices. With us, your paid campaigns will be flexible, customizable, manageable and budget-friendly in every situation. Our paid strategies are unique and consistent to ensure higher conversion rates without spending lots of money. You can get the highest returns out of your paid campaigns accompanied with measurable results against key indices and metrics. Leverage our PPC expertise and grow your business in super quick time!

Our PPC management services are unique and effective because

  • >> We have proven campaign management experts to ensure higher ROI
  • >> Our team relies on highly sophisticated bidding strategies for ads
  • >> Proper campaign building and implementation is part of our PPC
  • >> Paid search through account audit, keyword research, competitor analysis
  • >> PPC with paid search, media buy, display ads, shopping ads, re-marketing and social media ads
  • >> Ad copy writing & optimization and highly optimized landing pages
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Our PPC services are customized and flexible to suit your business’ specific target audience and ensure great paid results

RankIntent offers paid advertising to push your brand to the top of search results and improve traffic, leads and conversions almost immediately. We follow a proven PPC methodology based on taking your business to the right target audience through proper keywords and ad placements. Our experts will first identify the audience and then set the time to display your ads. Our team writes ads, incorporate keywords & phrases, and then monitor the performance of your ads. Higher conversion rates and reduced CPC through expert analysis are hallmarks of our paid advertising services.


Pay Per Click Management (PPC) FAQs

PPC known as Pay Per Click, a digital marketing program in which advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. It’s a paid marketing model to  generate clicks to your ads, hence a user visit to your website.Accordion Sample Description
In digital advertising, usually PPC and CPC are used as corresponding to each other but there is difference between both. Pay Per Click (PPC) is an advertising program and Cost Per Click (CPC) is a performance metric with in PPC.
As an expert, RankIntent would say yes, PPC work for all kind of business but it’s important that the required optimization and guidelines are being followed effectively. It starts with the Account Setup, Campaign Setup & Settings, Keyword Research, Ad Copy Creation, User Targeting, Landing Page Optimization, Negative Keyword Research, Bid Management, A/B Testing, Performance Measurement etc. You need to take care of everything in details and if you have setup a well optimized PPC program then it’s definitely going to produce good results in terms of sessions, engagement and conversions.
PPC is a broader paid advertising & marketing category which includes different kind of platforms and sources. We can divide the platform and sources based on the functionality like as following:
Paid Search Advertising includes all paid search engines advertising like Google AdWords, Google Shopping, Microsoft Advertising etc.
Paid Social Advertising includes all social advertising platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube etc.
Paid Referral Advertising including all text and banner ads advertising like Google Adsense, Remarking, Content Networks Banner Ads etc.
Although, there are various advantages of PPC Advertising but few of the advantages are listed below:
Cost Effective & Contributes to Business Goals - You are paying for your goals. You could pay for leads or web traffic based on your requirement and you are free to choose minimum or maximum budget you would like to spend in PPC.
Highly Targeted - You can choose your audience based on location, device, language etc.
Measurable & Trackable - PPC is based on RoAS model. So, it’s easy to measure the performance of your pay per click campaign. At any point of time, you know what is return on your ad spend.
Customizable & Controllable - You can make adjustment to your campaign, ads, settings at any time and as many time as you want. You can start, pause or re-start your PPC campaigns in just one click.
Training Resources - On the web, there are various online learning resources available to learn PPC Advertising. Google is also providing a complete training session of PPC to users.
Fast Results - As soon as you will start spending money on your PPC ads, you will start getting the results immediately.
On an average, the typical pay per click rate is between $1 to $2 in USA. However on display advertising side, the average pay per click rate is below $1. These numbers depends on the kind of ad campaign you are running, what advertising platform is used and how is the campaign targeting.
Keyword research is a broad topic for discussion and there are different kind of ppc keyword research aspects in the market. If we consolidate our findings, RankIntent recommends the following:
- Research for Branded Terms
- Research for Competitor Terms
- Research for Service/Product Terms
- Research for Generic Terms
- Research for Synonyms and Variations
- Research for Related Terms

There are several keyword research tools available in the market but RankIntent recommends Google Keyword Planner.
As the name suggest Pay Per Click is a paid advertising model, where as SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which is free. Although both the advertising verticals work around the search engines. In simple words, PPC = Paid and SEO = Free (But a lot of manual efforts are required to get promoted in search engines like Google.)
Different blogs and studies provides different opinions but on an average PPC ads are getting 60 to 65% clicks, where top 3 ads are getting almost 40 to 43% clicks. Studies also indicates that PPC ads are more likely to generate conversions in comparison to organic search results.
Following are the most common myths about Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising:
- Ad Placement in top 3 will return guaranteed conversions.
- PPC can provide overnight results.
- PPC is all about keyword placement and more keyword means better results.
- The high CPC keywords can only deliver conversions.
- PPC will directly influence organic results as well.
- You just need to setup the PPC campaign once and rest Google will take care.
- Competitors can run Click Fraud campaign to exhaust the budget.
- And at last the most common one is, Nobody clicks on Paid Ads.


With effective campaign reports and analytics from us, clients will be able to know how their business is performing at a particular point of time. So, benefit from our PPC management expertise and target the right audience at the right time.

  • We offer best PPC with paid advertising experts having years of industry knowledge
  • Our PPC uses geographically targeted ads to maximize ROI
  • A long list of happy clients, big and small alike, from across industry verticals
  • Guaranteed and quick results in the budget of choice with our PPC

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