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How to Make SEO and User Experience Work Together?

While it’s true that SEO is important for the online success of any business and it is capable of boosting online presence and search engine rankings, we should also not forget the role user experience (UX).   After all, you just can’t build a successful business unless you give visitors a great website experience or


Top 10 Reasons Social Media Marketing and SEO Go Hand in Hand

eCommerce SEO: How Online Stores Can Drive Organic Traffic

eCommerce SEO

eCommerce sites are considered among the toughest to optimize for SEO. Unlike conventional sites or landing pages or articles, online stores often don’t respond to optimization efforts in the way you generally anticipate.   But this does not mean you should stop finding ways to improve the visibility and ranking of your shop in search


Best WordPress Plugins for Content Marketing and Distribution

Distribution of unique, fresh and informative content across web channels is a major marketing strategy. Doing this helps attract customer attention and drive traffic.   It’s also a beneficial strategy to reach to the audience and make them aware of your business. This is what content marketing is all about which helps brands boost their


Top 10 Ways to Syndicate Content for Better Search Ranking

How Social Media helps to build your eCommerce Brand?

There was a time when the marketing budget of most brands ignored social media spending. The scenario is completely changed now as brands, big and small alike, can’t ignore these networks.   The budgetary allocation is set to zoom up to a whopping 20% in next few years, which speaks volume about the rising popularity


6 Reasons Why eCommerce Brands Should Also Go Direct Selling to Customers

Direct Selling to Customers

We know how brands have traditionally been selling. We know they don’t reach directly to consumers. Rather, they leverage distributors to reach shops. They sell to big retailers directly. This model has been flourishing for ages, or at least for decades.   Is this model still viable? Not really, at least not in the same


Must-Have Promotion Tools for Website, Blog and Social Media

Must-Have Promotion Tools

Content is important for lead generation. It’s also important for creating awareness among your target audience.   So, be it your website blog or social network presence, you will need content and that too, quality one at that. Without content, your messages and brands ideas will fail to reach to your potential customers.   More


5 Types of Content Your eCommerce Website Needs

Content for eCommerce Website

Irrelevant web content makes some 73% of your visitors frustrated, as per HubSpot. Similarly, the content that does not offer any relevant information to your target audience is bound to lower the search rankings.   This clearly shows that having a lot of content does not hold any merit; rather, having quality content does! After


How Do Websites ‘Win’ The Google Answer Box?

Google's Answer Box

Google Answer Box – Overview The only way to be featured in the Google Answer Box is to have an SEO optimized, high authority page with well-structured, quality content that’s relevant to the question. In many cases, a web page that’s ranked #1 in organic search engine results will win the Google Answer Box. However,


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