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Holiday Shopping Trends 2021

Holiday Shopping Trends 2021

In 2020, more than 40% of all holiday shopping took place online, as per Google. The figures are expected to go up further in 2021 as more buyers are now using smartphones for their purchase.

As the holiday season is upon us, you need a viable digital marketing strategy to make a connect with customers and boost the sales. The focus should be to give more information to buyers to help them make informed choices and decisions.

eCommerce websites can ramp up resources to enrich buyers by presenting them with ratings, reviews, and other sales-driven facts. To capitalize on the holiday season, devise a content marketing strategy that aims to inform, persuade, and entice customers.

What buyers want from holiday shopping?

Buyers want to spend sensibility. They want more value for their money. Above all, they don’t want a bad bargain. Yes, buyers are the same, despite so many changes around. Buyers may look for any of these benefits:

Sales or coupons are what excite buyers the most and sometimes tempt even the ‘Not-So-Interested’ souls into buying.

Helpful guides and seasonal tips save time and arouse the interest in potential buyers.

Holiday-themed offers work like a magic and catch the fancy of all age groups.

Gifts are one of potent ways to boost the sales and enhance the brand connect.

Content marketing strategy for holiday season

Over 2.5 million blog posts hit the web daily. So, only creating a piece of content is not enough. Right marketing strategies are an absolute must to take the produced materials to buyers. Here are some tips you can adopt:

Personal connect with consumer

Connecting to consumers on a personal level works big time. The content should aim to make people realize their personal wishes.

Go mobile

Over one-third of total online users use smartphones, thus you just can’t afford to not tap into them.

Leverage social platforms

Social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the new-age “bazaars” (shops) teeming with potential. Don’t hesitate to use even paid opportunities to connect to buyers and benefit the brand.

E-mailing with coupon codes

E-mails continue to be an excellent driver of sales. Attach a coupon code with well-written piece of content to stir up curiosity for your products and services.

Product reviews and rating videos

Videos are everywhere; buyers too love them a lot. Your content marketing strategy should involve video marketing to make an emotional touch with buyers.

In short, holiday shopping is more about reaching to the buyers than waiting them to come at us. Your content marketing strategy should be devised to inform, engage and excite potential buyers. If you do all these, only then expect the sales to go up!

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Holiday Shopping Trends 2021
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Holiday Shopping Trends 2021
In 2020, more than 40% of all holiday shopping took place online, as per Google. The figures are expected to go up further in 2021 as more buyers are now using smartphones for their purchase.
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