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Top 10 Reasons Social Media Marketing and SEO Go Hand in Hand

Most search engines including Google always consider posts, information and mentions from social media platforms while ranking websites.


Most search engines including Google always consider posts, information and mentions from social media platforms while ranking websites.


For that reason, you should seriously think about integrating social media marketing and SEO to make your business achieve its true potential and gain a competitive edge in the market.


By focusing on social media more, you can always make your search engine performance improve considerably.


Here are top 10 reasons why social media marketing and SEO go hand in hand:

  1. Search engines pay attention to social mentions


    The more your brand is active on social media, the more it engaged with people, the more it gets likes and mentions can help improve your business’ search engine rankings.


    Keeping this in mind, you should always try to share great content on social media and engage with your followers as all this can have a positive impact on your online performance.

  3. Search engines give weight to trending topics on social media


    Creating content around trending and hot topics on social media is a great way to find more relevance by search engines.


    You can always stay relevant to the time on your social media posts and search engines can always consider this and deliver more rankings.


    For that reason you should focus on increasing the engagement level on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram etc with SMM services.

  5. Social media can prove a great help with keyword research


    Keyword research is often the foundation of a great SEO as relevant keywords always deliver better visibility and rankings in search engines.


    Social media is a great place to come across trending topics and posts by competitors and you can always rely on them to find right keywords and improve your brand’s search engine performance.

  7. Quality content on social media can help earn Dofollow Links


    Only quality links matter for search engines. Content creators these days are a bit apprehensive about giving weight to DoFollow links even if they feel tempted to share some information contained within.


    To overcome this problem, you should always focus on creating quality content with SEO services and sharing then on social media to open the way for DoFollow links.

  9. All search engines give preferences to social media performance


    Google is not the only search engine that considers social media mentions and performance in rankings but there are others as well including Bing which follows the same principles in this regard.


    So, even if your social media marketing strategy is temporarily not giving desired results with Google for some reasons you can always look up to other less popular search engines and increase online visibility of your brand.

  11. Social profile ranking does have an impact on SERPs


    Google has been crawling and ranking social media profiles and giving them weight in rankings.


    In fact, companies that have optimized their social media profiles do experience the benefits in terms of ranking and you too can follow the suit and feel the difference.


    So, make sure your social media marketing strategy considers social profiles and give them the value they deserve for SERPs.

  13. More social media followers can lead to increased traffic


    It’s true that having more social media followers can help your brand achieve more traffic and better ranking.


    With more followers on social media, your posts and content are more likely to be shared to deliver the benefits that your business needs.


    It’s therefore important to focus on earning more organic and engaged followers to do better in search engines.

  15. Social media influencers can ensure superior search engine results


    A lot of businesses fail to realize the value that social media influencers can have on their search engine rankings and online visibility.


    Whether Twitter, Facebook or any other channel, influencers always command clout and when they share posts it always leads to better engagement and traffic.


    This is why you should think of leveraging their network and one of these popular social media marketing techniques to become more visible on the web.

  17. Social media buttons on websites is one of top SEO techniques


    Search engines always give attention to websites that have social media sharing buttons and deliver them better weight and ranking than those who don’t.


    For that reason, you should have those buttons featured on the website together with the social media links on the company profile page.

  19. Liking your site in social posts and comments helps with SEO


    A lot of brands understand the merit in linking their site in social posts and comments. They know this has a positive impact in terms of rankings and visibility.


    When you do this, both your website and social media profiles or posts generate more interest and traffic therefore helping your business perform well in search engine rankings.


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Top 10 Reasons Social Media Marketing & SEO Go Hand in Hand
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Top 10 Reasons Social Media Marketing & SEO Go Hand in Hand
SMM & SEO Go Hand in Hand - Integrating social media marketing & SEO to make your business achieve its true potential and gain a competitive edge in the market.
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