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How Do Websites ‘Win’ The Google Answer Box?

Google Answer Box – Overview

The only way to be featured in the Google Answer Box is to have an SEO optimized, high authority page with well-structured, quality content that’s relevant to the question.

In many cases, a web page that’s ranked #1 in organic search engine results will win the Google Answer Box. However, it is possible for pages ranked lower on the first page to win the box if the web page content has better structure, quality and are more relevant than the #1 page search results.

Steps For Optimizing and Ranking in the Google Answer Box

Google Answer Box Optimization Steps

  • Choose a topic that answers a question and is useful to readers
  • Seek out queries that already use the answer box. If the competition’s doing a poor job, these are often easy to grab
  • Create high-quality content that’s relevant to the question/them
  • Structure the page for the optimal user experience
  • Use SEO practices to improve ranking
  • Provide useful information that answers a direct question
  • Earn trust and authority through backlinks and social sharing

Key Factors for Winning the Google Answer Box

Google Answer Box Key Factors

  • Rank in the top 5 on the search engine results page
  • Have at minimum of 1,000 links – many sites have more than 10,000
  • Have between 1,500 – 2,000 words on the page
  • Have a low bounce rate and good user engagement

Apart from identifying the search query and getting the ranking in top 5 position (Which is Must), below are few more recommendations to be appear in Google Answer Box:

Using Schema Markup Code

Google prefers the Schema markup code to collect the information about a website/page. So, using the Schema Markup Code (like “rel=author” and “rel=publisher” and some additional details like Name, Image, Publishing Information etc.) is definitely going to help!

In-depth Quality Content

This one is key to success. Writing the content the way users should like it the most by using the Bullets, Tables, Images, Comparison Charts etc. And the provided information should be accurate and should completely satisfy and answer the search query.

Page Authority Building

List Down the page in Hubpages, Maps and other popular content distribution channels. More you have the page authority, more the changes to be appear in Google Answer Box. Geo Targeting – Page should be well targeted for a Geo Location and Language to gain the preference for local queries.

On-Page Optimization

Page should be optimized in terms of SEO. Like H1, Meta Title and Description should be user friendly and should indicate that the page is having the answer for the searched query. Also, targeted page should be listed in Sitemap and very well interlinked with the site. Page Navigation, SEO tags etc. should be optimized well.

Writing Copy Suitable for the Quick Answer Box

Content Optimization for Google Answer Box

  • Include the question in one of the headings, preferably the H1
  • Content for the answer box should be directly below the header
  • Write short, meaningful paragraphs (350-500 characters, 54-58 words in length) broken up by subheadings
  • Use easily scannable lists where appropriate
  • Provide a short, concise answer to the question in the first paragraph – However, try to not answer the question so thoroughly that the reader won’t click through to the page. 
  • Use variations of the keywords throughout the copy 
  • Use ‘how to’ or other list types within the copy where appropriate. It’s a good idea to include ‘step 1’ ‘step ‘ etc as it’s easy for Google to interpret
  • For shorter, less ‘question’ related topics – use paragraph format rather than a list
  • Include media content such as images, infographics, videos etc that are relevant to the content
  • Link to other related pages 
  • Create a ‘related guides’ or ‘related materials’ section at the bottom of the page – this will often be included in the Google Answer Box

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How Do Websites ‘Win’ The Google Answer Box?
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How Do Websites ‘Win’ The Google Answer Box?
RankIntent's Team of experts are specialize in optimizing the web pages for Google Answer Box search queries. For more details get in touch with us today!
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