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5 Types of Content Your eCommerce Website Needs

Irrelevant web content makes some 73% of your visitors frustrated, as per HubSpot. Similarly, the content that does not offer any relevant information to your target audience is bound to lower the search rankings.


This clearly shows that having a lot of content does not hold any merit; rather, having quality content does! After all, search engines have stopped giving any preference to quantity when it comes to content as their major focus is to add value to users.


So, the content of your website should neither be irrelevant nor repetitive or adequately SEO-focused.


Your eCommerce website and content


The content on your eCommerce website has to be sync with the exact needs of visitors – informative, useful and something that offers great user experience.


Regardless of the type, the content has to be such to attract new customers and help your site build the base. The idea should be to make available to the visitors all the information they want – be it related to the business, its products, its policies etc.


In a nutshell, the content should provide generic information about your store. It should convince users to proceed ahead to buy from the site.


Types of content for your eCommerce website


You should know that traffic to your eCommerce website needs efforts. Content on the site has a key role in this as it can attract visitors and help them convert into customers. You should however know the type of content that works best for the site.


Here are the types of content:


#1 Blog


67% more leads are generated by those companies that use blog as one of content types for their eCommerce website. This shows how much effective blogging is for your business’ aim to win visitors.


You can thus start blogging, share your offers and gift information and guide users through buying their product this season. It’s an extremely cost-effective way to attract more visitors to the site.


#2 Product Demo Videos


Your sales can go up some 30% if you include product demo videos in your eCommerce website. Such videos have a huge impact on the conversions and you should leverage them fully.


Even if you can’t give demo for each product, you can still add some for a few top-selling ones describing characteristic in detail.


#3 Reviews


Every 6 out of 10 customers now read reviews before making their purchase decision. This ratio reaches further up when we see the trends in the travel domain.


Quite clearly, it shows how important it’s to display reviews on your eCommerce website. With more reviews on the site, you can expect a jump in the order.


So, you should help customers rate your products and give reviews.


#4 Social Interactions


Displaying your social interactions or social proof will more or less do the same kind of impact as reviews and ratings do. These interactions give visitors an idea that others too are engaged with your store.


Be it images, clips, or hints of people using your product, you could show anything on the site to win the trust of your visitors in a big way.


#5 FAQs


Not all visitors on your e-commerce site are omniscient. Likewise, not all like to depend entirely on the company to get information and clear their doubts. A good number of them will be one who prefer self-help route and that’s why, you need FAQs.


So, you need to compile a list of frequently asked questions and help visitors understand your business fully. From return policy to shipping information to T & Cs etc. you can include anything to ease the journey of visitors.




In a nutshell, these 5 types of content should be used judiciously to help your eCommerce website realize its objectives in a desired manner.


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5 Types of Content Your eCommerce Website Needs
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5 Types of Content Your eCommerce Website Needs
Content for eCommerce Website | The content that does not offer any relevant information to your target audience is bound to lower the search rankings.
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