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RankIntent is a top social media marketing company that helps brands leverage social channels effectively and increase their presence locally as well as globally. We have experts to build the right connections on the social platforms that take businesses closers to the target audience. Our social media marketing services guarantee expanded reach, greater promotions and increased traffic to your website or business. With us, your business not only gets a boost to brand image but also witnesses a huge growth to sales. Trust our social media experts to formulate, plan and execute right channel-specific strategy so that you can engage with customers and create meaningful conversations with them. We create an effective social media strategy that gets audience involved with your brand and also coverts traffic into customers. Benefit from our social media expertise to enhance footprints of your business across social channels!

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Social Media Marketing ServicesOur social media marketing services can transform your business online quickly and in a cost-effective manner. We have experts who will target all social channels be it Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn to ensure wider presence to your business. Our social media strategy is devised to take your business closer to the target audience for engagement and conversion. We devise customized social media strategy keeping in mind unique positioning and requirements of your business. Your social media marketing is driven by the combination of SEO and content marketing. Our team will devise ad campaigns, create attention-grabbing posts, blogs, articles, images, videos, info-graphics for effective brand awareness and for winning the attention of the target audience. With our social media marketing, the exposure of your brand increases manifold resulting in better conversions and sales. So, let our social media experts add a new dimension to your online presence and open the door of prospects for your business.

Our social media marketing services guarantee great results because

  • >> Social media audit & strategy forms the core of our marketing
  • >> Multi channel integration strategy ensures effective exposure on social channels
  • >> Compelling and constant social advertising campaigns for brand outreach and traffic
  • >> Social media monitoring for better customer insights and more prospects
  • >> Tracking of key social media metrics for round-the-clock performance analysis
  • >> Customized and budget-friendly SMM plans with assured measurable results
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Our social media marketing solutions cater to needs of your business and boost its social presence greatly

RankIntent has social media experts with years of industry experience and project expertise. Brands can trust us for realistic, quantifiable and time-lined results with their social media marketing. We implement social media strategy based on a complete platform audit and competitor research to ensure better ROI and superior conversions. From social account set up to page integration to content optimization, our experts bring a 360-degree approach to marketing that ensures superior brand awareness and online exposure. Our social media specialists will work on expanding your brand presence by using the latest tools, techniques and software.


Social Media Marketing (SMM) FAQs

When we use Social Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Youtube etc to connect and engage with our users to improve the branding, increase the audience reach and traffic, drive more conversions and sales then that's what we called Social Media Marketing. It's an important vertical of Digital Marketing and helps in business promotion.
The use of social media in website marketing strategy is vast. It's a complete different digital marketing vertical which works along with search engine optimization, search engine marketing, online reputation management and email marketing. Social media helps to improve the branding of a business and improve the engagement with the users. Social media is an effective communication channel to describe about your business, services, products etc.
Social media marketing has several different platforms where people can post, share and interest with each other. There are 10 major types of social media marketing: 1) Social Networking Websites 2) Media Sharing Networks, 3) Discussion Networks 4) Social Bookmarking Networks 5) Review Networks 6) Social Blogging Networks 7) Social Shopping Networks 8) Anonymous Social Networks 9) Sharing Economy Networks 10) Interest Based Networks
There are 100s of social networking sites available on the website and the count is increasing day by day but the major social networking sites based on the traffic, users, engagement and popularity are the following: 1) Facebook 2) Twitter 3) Linkedin 4) Instagram 5) Pinterest 6) Myspace 7) Mix 8) Medium etc.
Social media stats tells the story itself that it works and it's influence is increasing day by day.
>> Daily Active Social Media Users - 3.8 Billion
>> More then 68% USA adults have the account on Facebook.
>> 3 Hours/Day/People uses one of the kind of social media platform.
>> 73% marketers believe that Social media marketing provides results.
>> 86% of people read reviews for local businesses.
>> More then 500 million active users of Instagram stories.
>> 91% social media users are using mobile for accessing one of the social platform.
Although, social media marketing is mostly depends on the time you invest and the manual efforts you put to improve the business engagement on social media platform but there are ways which helps in improving the performance of social media marketing.
>> Have multiple social channel approach. Try to be available on all popular social channels.
>> Use the influencer marketing to engage with more users quickly.
>> Encourage your customers to provide feedback about your products and services and share with others.
>> Post offers and discounts frequently.
>> Post audio/video content as a lot of users prefer to watch and listen instead of reading.
>> Participate in conversations and connect with your prospects.
>> Be active on social platforms and share good content frequently.
>> Track the social performance and take necessary actions to improve it.
Influential Social Media Marketing strategy includes: 1) Producing Diversified Content Types 2) Provide Education 3) Do More Storytelling & Less Promotion 4) Try Influencer Marketing 5) Leverage the Enthusiasm of Loyal Customers 6) Choose the right target audience 7) Dig into what your competitors are doing
The benefits of social media marketing are: 1) Growing your brand awareness 2) Increasing your website traffic 3) Promoting your products and services 4) Higher Conversion Rates 5) Improved Brand Loyalty 6) Better Customer Satisfaction 7) More Brand Authority 8) Cost Effective 9) Thought Leadership 10) Lead generation and sales
100s of social media marketing tools are available in on the web but few of them are really very effective and useful like: Buffer, Canva, Socedo, Tweepi, Facebook Analytics, BuzzSumo, Hootsuite, Feedly, Edgar, IFTTT, Brand24, etc.
There are 5 major goals of social media marketing including: 1) Improving Brand Awareness 2) Enhance User Engagement 3) Driving Traffic, Sales and Leads 4) Build Community Around Business 5) Improve Social Customer Service.
Studies said that social media is not directly impacting the search engine ranking but social signals helps in increasing the brand visibility, social traffic, website authority hence work as a influencer for SEO.
Lot's of Pros and Fewer Cons - that's how we can define social media.
Pros are: 1) Low cost marketing 2) Big audience base 3) Fast Interaction with the prospects 4) Branding enhancement 5) Good for Customer Service 6) Relationship building 7) Gain feedback etc.
Cons are: 1) Time-consuming 2) Long time on ROI 3) Risk of negative publicity etc.


Right from building social media profiles to managing campaign activities, from community outreach program to building a network of influencers, we do everything that helps widen your brand’s presence across social channels.

  • Our social media marketing develops a distinct brand identity and voice for your business
  • We use unique social media strategies to transform audiences into leads
  • Social media experts at us choose channels and tactics and do audit of industry trends
  • SMO services ensuring better engagement to brands with their target audience

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