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Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Organic Click Through Rate

Top rankings in search engine result pages (SERPs) are always not a good indicator to judge the way your web pages perform.

Sometime, even top rankings don’t guarantee more visitors to the site and this is where the concept of click through rate (CTR) comes into effect.

The higher the CRT, the more the traffic and when that happens, it shows more people are clicking on pages and not bouncing off.

This shows how your website needs visitors who stick around as their conversion rates will be higher. For that reason, you need to find ways to increase organic CTR for better traffic.

Here are some of ways to improve your organic click through rate:

1. Make your website appear on Google’s first page

You just can’t improve your website’s organic click through rate without appearing on Google’s first page.

The further your pages appear in search results the fewer clicks they will get resulting in lower CTR.

A good strategy is to first find the pages that are already on the first page and then focus on improving their click through rate.

This will gradually make more pages grow in rankings over time.

2. Optimize the pages with low CTR

It’s always important to first know your average CTRs first to get an idea about the pages with lowest and highest click through rates.

Even if you wish to get all the pages optimized simultaneously, there has to be a proper planning before you do the task.

You should first target the pages with lowest CRT rates as you can fix their flaws and improve their performance.

3. Give more focus to long-tail keywords

Keywords have a huge role to play in catching the attention of your target users and get clicks through them.

So, you need to know basically two things about then – how to search then and how to organize them.

While head and body keywords are important, the real value to CTR are added by long-tail keywords which have 4 or more words together and can fetch the maximum web traffic.

4. Make click-able Meta titles & Meta descriptions

It’s important to avoid duplicate page titles on your site and the title you choose should match the page content.

While the title needs to stay within the 60-word character limit, it must also contain the keyword capable of capturing attention.

Like the title tag, the Meta description too must be unique, include a call to action, have keywords aimed at and match the content.

5. Use short and simple URLs

Shorter and simpler URLs are more visible in search results and get more clicks.

More so, they need to be created for both search engines and users by keeping them descriptive and readable.

If your URL includes the target keyword, it can catch more attention from users on social media or wherever it appears.

That’s why you need to understand the value of keeping things simple and using only the right SEO techniques.

6. Use the power of rich snippets

It’s true that search results with more details attract more traffic and therefore can prove helpful for boosting the CTR of the site.

So, apart from the usual title, URL and description, you should focus on adding images, review score, rating stars, prices etc in rich snippets to give target users added information.

This way you can also give searches more knowledge about a webpage.

7. List your business in Google Knowledge Graph

If you want your business to perform well in SEO, list it in Google Knowledge Graph so that users can be provided with more reliable results about a topic or keyword.

By doing this, you can help Google provide information directly, clearly and with images.

Results on the knowledge graph will have more data and information whether you search for an individual or an organization.

8. Add Breadcrumbs

If your website has a good amount of pages and content, you can then add breadcrumbs which make navigation simple to all pages.

When there are breadcrumbs for all pages, this can always help users navigate to main categories on the site and also provide information about the page location in the site hierarchy.

This way search engines will also have a clear knowledge of the site construction and usability for users.

9. Improve page loading speed

Site loading speed is always important in boosting overall user experience and improving clicks.

If your pages load faster, there will definitely be more visitors and better CRT.

You can boost the loading speed of your page by compressing large pages, optimizing visual content, minimizing on-page components and removing needless plugins.

If nothing works, you can always turn to SEO services for the help.

10. Don’t ignore mobile experience

Even if your web pages are performing well on the desktop does not mean they will be good for the mobile devices as well.

You need to separately work for mobile experience by working on various aspects of the site including its image size, loading speed, video width and so on to improve its SEO CRT easily.

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Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Organic Click-Through Rate | SEO
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Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Organic Click-Through Rate | SEO
CTR & SEO - Sometimes, even top rankings don’t guarantee more visitors to the site and this is where the concept of click through rate (CTR) comes into effect.
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