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Mobile-Friendly Digital Marketing Strategy

How To Make A Robust Mobile-Friendly Digital Marketing Strategy

So, you have already brought all those designing changes to make the website look great on mobile devices. And you’re confident that favorable results will show up sooner rather than later. But sadly, it does not happen like that. You must look beyond responsive design.

Only design and technical changes won’t force search engines to send users to your website. Your website must add value to users or consumer by delivering relevant content. In a way, having a mobile-friendly website is just the start and you need to go ahead from here on.

You should know that the tastes and preferences of consumers are evolving. Unless and until your website comes to terms with such changes, it won’t be able to catch the attention of the target audience.

Simply speaking, the change will be needed in the marketing strategy. Yes, you got to market keeping in mind your mobile users. That’s it!

Marketing strategy with keeping mobile in mind

Mobile Marketing Strategy

Marketers today understand that consumers have evolved a lot, or in fact, evolving by the minute. This change of mindset must be infused in the marketing strategy to tap into the potential. This can be done in many ways, including:

Understand consumers’ cross-device journey

Marketers should understand that mobile or smartphone is not the only device consumers use when they traverse through the marketing funnel. Consumers will use tablets, laptops and computer along the way to do their tasks. Marketers should understand that and make sure to tweak their marketing strategy in a way to make consumers’ cross-device journey pleasant.

Let’s say for example, consumers on a mobile device won’t prefer filling up a long form and rather giving them a shorter one will make an impact and boost the site’s impact.

Understand users’ interactions with your website and content

One of prime aspects of your marketing strategy should be to understand all those interactions that user do with your site and content. You need to first understand and then seize those decisions and preferences that users make in spur of the moment.

In a way, you must know intent-rich moments of consumers and offer them with responsive experiences. You can do this in two ways:

  • Keep website in a way to give unique mobile-friendly experiences
  • Adapt to location in order to enrich their experiences

Tap into your data to analyze the consumer

The next step is, tapping into the data and analyzing what makes users come your way. It means, you need to know:

  • Which keywords, ads or queries are forcing users on different devices to reach your site or landing pages?
  • What types of searches are being done by the same users upon reaching you?
  • Analysis of content access on the site based on the stage in the marketing funnel
  • Device-based segment analysis together with a study of sites and sources of their arrival

Let consumers get quick and easy access to the content

It’d be a mistake to not let users have access to full content. Users want quick and easy access to the content but that does not mean giving them the stripped-down version. Let them enjoy all what your site has but in an easy and simple manner.

More time on site does not mean higher conversion

You need the engagement level with visitors to go up. The time spent on the site won’t guarantee higher conversion in a multi-device world. Rather, the focus should be on providing an enriching experience to users. This can be achieved through some minor designing changes as well where all the distractions from a mobile visit must be curtailed.

Make mobile experience more personal and social

In a way, the focus should be to make mobile experience of users more personal and social. You need to do few things in this regard, including:

  • Make sure to have easy-to-read text
  • Keep the layouts as simple as possible
  • Images should be clear and large
  • CTAs should be friendly to mobile


In a way, marketers should have a mobile mind-set and let their marketing strategy win the battle.

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How to Make a Robust Mobile-Friendly Digital Marketing Strategy
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How to Make a Robust Mobile-Friendly Digital Marketing Strategy
Only design and technical changes won’t force search engines to send users to your website. Your website must add value to users or consumer.
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