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How Social Media helps to build your eCommerce Brand?

There was a time when the marketing budget of most brands ignored social media spending. The scenario is completely changed now as brands, big and small alike, can’t ignore these networks.


The budgetary allocation is set to zoom up to a whopping 20% in next few years, which speaks volume about the rising popularity and indispensability of social media for brands.


Quite clearly, social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. have come a long way from being mere a way to socialize.


They offer a great opportunity to connect to the target audience, explore a new audience and understand your market and its demographics clearly. For your eCommerce business, social networks are extremely important.


Using them, you can reach first-time customers and offer them the best you have. These networks bring you a great opportunity to build your brand in a strategic manner over a period of time.


So, you should integrate social media in your marketing strategy to maximize the reach and presence of your brand. After all, social media for eCommerce is as important as it is for others.


Here are 6 ways to use social media to build your eCommerce brand:


#1 Place social buttons on your product pages


First and foremost, you need to leverage social network buttons fully. The ideal way to start them would be by placing these buttons on your product pages.


This will encourage, and help as well, customers to share your products with their friends and boost their visibility further. Your products should also be present across social channels for customers to find them more frequently.


#2 Include customer reviews on product pages


Customer reviews are extremely important in building trust among your target audience. Your product pages should have reviews, no matter if you’re forced to include a few negative ones together with those helpful to brand building.


With product reviews, you can influence the buying decision of customers and can also boost your brand value. You should know that customers today don’t buy unless they have read reviews.


#3 Select suitable social networks to build the brand


It always makes a sense to have presence on only a few social networks and build the brand rather than try to leverage all and waste time and resources.


The ideal scenario would be to choose a social media that has right set of customers for it. Let for say, Facebook is important for its sheer size, no matter what business you’re in.


LinkedIn makes a sense if your products and services are more geared towards businesses. Twitter is important for new ventures etc.


#4 Share unique and engaging content


Having a presence on social media is not enough. Rather, you need to leverage the presence. You need to post unique and engaging content with your target audience.


The focus should be on informing, enriching and enlightening the audience about your products and services. Your content should be unique and full of information rather than vague and repetitive.


#5 Post visual content or visual product descriptions more often


You should have a video description of every product shared across social media. Customers today prefer visual forms more than plain texts and you should understand that.


A well-shot and informative product video will help your business more than anything else. Images, info graphics and video sway purchasing decision more than any other form of content.


#6 Focus more customer engagement than selling


The best use of social platforms is to engage with your customers and add value to them. You should use social media to connect, engage and interact with the audience; you should respond to their queries and troubleshoot their problems, if any. The last thing you should do is to look to sell.


In overall, social media for eCommerce is important and you can use it strategically to build your brand.

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How Social Media helps to build your eCommerce Brand?
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How Social Media helps to build your eCommerce Brand?
Integrate Social Media in your Marketing Strategy - Social Media for eCommerce is important and you can use it strategically to build your eCommerce brand.
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