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Best WordPress Plugins for Content Marketing and Distribution

Distribution of unique, fresh and informative content across web channels is a major marketing strategy. Doing this helps attract customer attention and drive traffic.


It’s also a beneficial strategy to reach to the audience and make them aware of your business. This is what content marketing is all about which helps brands boost their value and visibility.


At the same time, there are many content management systems (CMS) around to help in the endeavor of organizing, editing and publishing of content.


WordPress is one such popular CMS that comes fitted with some plugins especially made to serve the purpose of content marketing.


Being one of domain leaders, WordPress is a choice of growing number of content marketers helping them create update, manage and promote content and its essences successfully on the internet.


With many helpful plugins coming with this content management system, you couldn’t have asked for more.


Here are the best WordPress Plugins that would help a great deal in your content marketing and distribution:


1) Editorial Calendar


How about having a plugin that helps you plan and schedule your content strategy according to a specific date in the coming days, week or months? Use this one and let your written content go ahead as you exactly plan.


2) Scribe


When it comes to content marketing, you got to have this top plugin. It brings a whole host of benefits, including those from research and optimization. Besides, it drives more traffic from letting you connect with social platforms.


3) Edit Flow


Get this plugin immediately if the target is to make the workflow match the challenges and preferences of the modern times. It also lets you illustrate particular phases in the workflow and invite feedbacks on posts from the team.


4) MyCurator


Boost your content marketing strategy with this helpful plugin. Get useful and relevant content from the internet, get new ideas and embellish your content with quotes, facts or stats to gain more marketing benefits.


5) WordPress Subscribe


How about having a plugin that is entirely focuses on e-mail marketing? Get this one and go on enjoying subscribing forms on as divers sources as pop-ups, posts, sidebars and so on.


6) WordPress SEO


It’d be great if your content marketing strategy is supported by a plugin that itself helps in driving traffic. What’s more, this helpful plugin brings editing and improvement features of content to get amazing search results.


7) Zedity


If you get excellent content created with ease, your content marketing strategy would rock for sure thus giving your great results. Get this plugin and let your content make right notes and impressions across channels.




Your content marketing strategy would bring great results if it gets the company of content management system. Given the rising popularity of WordPress and its big number of plugins, you must leverage it fully to make your content marketing and distribution as beneficial as desired.


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Best WordPress Plugins for Content Marketing & Distribution
Article Name
Best WordPress Plugins for Content Marketing & Distribution
The rising popularity of WordPress and its plugins, you must leverage it fully to make your content marketing and distribution as beneficial as desired.
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